British man rescued after threatening to take own life

Police were able to intervene after the expat wrote a post on Facebook

Dubai Police unveils new uniform and gears. Courtesy Dubai Police

A British man who posted a message on Facebook threatening to take his own life has been rescued by Dubai Police.

Officers took action after a friend of the man read the late-night post and asked authorities to intervene.

Police were able to identify the man’s address but were initially unable to access the property.

It was only when officers spotted a ladder outside the villa in the Jumeirah-Satwa area that they were able to climb in via a balcony.

The man was discovered hanging from the ceiling by a belt but police successfully revived him using CPR.

“In a very short time we were able to locate the man’s residence in Al Bada area [near Jumeirah]," Brig Jamal Al Jallaf, director of Dubai Police’s criminal investigations department.

"The door was tightly sealed and forcing it open was not easy.

“But an officer who spotted a ladder in the villa’s yard on his way in rushed to it and used it to climb to the man’s balcony, break its door then enter the room.

“Our officer unwrapped the belt from around his neck and performed CPR which helped save the man’s life.”

The incident unfolded at around 11pm on January 2 when police officers received a call from the man’s friend.

Police arrived at the property just in time and the man was later taken to Rashid Hospital.

“He was almost unconscious and a suicide note he had written for his family was found on the bed,” said Brig Al Jallaf.

“He detailed his reasons for trying to end his life which were mainly because he had lost his investments.

“He expressed remorse and thanked Dubai Police for their speedy intervention, saving his life.”