Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed visits girl who missed out on shaking his hand

Disappointment turns to happiness as Abu Dhabi Crown Prince visits Al Mazrouei family

A girl who missed out on shaking the hand of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed last week was treated to a personal visit by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces to her home instead.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed paid a visit to Ayesha Al Mazrouei’s family home in Abu Dhabi on Monday to make up for passing her by during a welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace last week.

"Today I visited the child Ayesha Mohammed Mushait Al Mazrouei and I was happy to greet her and meet her family," Sheikh Mohamed said on Twitter, sharing pictures of his visit.

Ayesha was among about a dozen school children selected to welcome Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the Presidential Palace on Wednesday.

Donning her national dress and waving the flags of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Ayesha lined the red carpet with her hand outstretched, in the eager hope of shaking Sheikh Mohamed's hand as he and Prince Mohammed bin Salman walked by.

In a video posted to Twitter by Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Ayesha can be seen running across the red carpet to find a more advantageous position and increase her odds.

But, during the proceedings, her hand was missed and Ayesha appeared crestfallen.

It is unclear how Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed came to know of her disappointment, but he organised a visit to see Ayesha at her house in the UAE capital on National Day to make amends.

In the video, Sheikh Mohamed can be seen being welcomed by Ayesha, her younger brother and father. The Crown Prince stays a while and then poses for a photo outside their house before leaving.

The video, shared on Monday, prompted a flurry of positive comments from social media users with many saying Sheikh Mohamed's act of kindness was a great example to the country and its people.