Dubai Police rescue cash-strapped tourist living in a tent

Officials co-ordinated with the woman’s consulate, bought her a ticket home and drove her to the airport

Dubai Police rescued a tourist who was living in a tent in Al Faqa, on the Dubai-Al Ain motorway.

A cash-strapped tourist who was living in a tent in Dubai thanked the police on social media after officials helped her to return to her home country.

The woman, 33, from a country in Eastern Europe, was found living in a tent in Al Faqa area on the Dubai-Al Ain motorway.

She had run out of money and suffered from psychological disorders, said officers patrolling the area.

“The officers asked her about her family or relatives,” said Col Mubarak Al Kitbi, head of Tourism Police.

The woman told the officers she came to Dubai after having a dispute with her family and spent all her money.

“The woman couldn’t pay her expenses but told officers she loved Dubai and didn’t want to leave, even if it meant she lived in a tent,” he said.

Police did not disclose her date of arrival or for how long she stayed in the tent.

The officials took the woman to a hotel. The next day, she was taken to a hospital for psychiatric help.

Doctors said she did not carry her medicine when she came to Dubai.

“After she underwent treatment, we contacted the authorities and had the woman’s overstaying fines waived,” Col Al Kitbi said.

“Then we co-ordinated with her consulate, bought her a plane ticket and drove her to the airport.”

Col Al Kitbi said the woman posted a video on social media platforms to thank Dubai Police.