Get camping, before it's too late

Get your tent and sleeping bag out because you might not be able to use them for long.

Despite the cool night breezes sweeping across the Emirates, the rising temperature shows that summer is fast approaching. Get your tents and sleeping bags out, because spending a night under the stars will soon become a luxury that few will be able to afford. For those who can pay, luxury camping sites around the world and for all seasons were featured in yesterday's Travel section, with Dubai's Al Maha desert reserve topping the list. Swimming pools, falconry and endangered oryx abound for the avid desert "glamper".
But for those who enjoy the simplicity of camping, all that's needed is a good map by which to mark the dunes and a blanket to ward off the evening breeze. In the tradition of Bedouin who have crossed these sands for hundreds of years and witnessed the raw beauty of black skies and shifting dunes, get a taste of the desert.