Drunk businessman enters wrong home and lies down with sisters, Dubai court hears

The Pakistani is accused of entering an Indian family's home, taking his trousers off and then touching two sisters as they slept.

DUBAI // A drunk businessman has been accused of entering the wrong house, taking off his trousers and lying down in bed and touching two women while they slept.

At Dubai Criminal Court on Monday, Pakistani K A, 40, faced charges of molestation, trespassing and consuming alcohol without a licence after the November 10 incident.

The man is said to have entered the house of an Indian family in Al Rashidiya at about 5am where he lay down next to one of the daughters before switching beds to her sister.

The sisters, 27-year-old F A and S A, 21, were sleeping when the eldest felt someone touching her.

“I jumped out of my bed and turned on the lights to see a man naked from below lying on my bed,” said F A, who screamed so loudly that she woke her entire family.

The family rushed to the room and then held the man until police arrived.

The sister said she was also molested. “I felt someone touching me and pulling my hair but I was so tired and in deep sleep that I did not wake up to it,” S A said. “But when my sister screamed loudly and turned on the lights, I woke up.”

Prosecutors said that the defendant confessed to the three charges during investigations.

But in court, although he admitted consuming alcohol, he denied trespassing and molesting the women.

His lawyer asked for the hearing to be rescheduled so he could prepare his defence argument. The next hearing is on January 5.


Published: December 15, 2014 04:00 AM