13 new TV shows to watch in the next month: from escapist reality to gritty dramas

Binge mode is truly on ...

TV wise, there's something for everyone coming out this month. Photos Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime
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While many are out working to keep us safe and tend to the sick, close to a third of the world is now self-isolating at home due to the coronavirus.

So, if you need to take your mind off things, here are 13 new TV shows and seasons hitting screens in the next month that are actually worth bingeing ...

1. 'Making the Cut', Amazon Prime, Friday, March 27

Perfect for: people who know Tim Gunn was the best thing about Project Runway

This new reality competition looks a lot like Next in Fashion from Netflix, but instead of getting a deal on Net-a-Porter, the winner here gets a deal with, wait for it, Amazon. Let's be honest, though, we're all going to watch it: even if just for Gunn.

2. 'Ozark', Netflix, Friday, March 27


Perfect for: A tense binge

Things may be bad right now, but most of our circumstances are still better than that of Jason Bateman's character, Marty Byrde, in Ozark. We may be able to take some sort of strange comfort in watching his world continue to unravel as season three of this tense, tightly written, well-acted show drops.

3. 'Council of Dads', Wavo, Wednesday, April 1

Perfect for: people who got way too into Parenthood and Friday Night Lights

Get ready for this heartbreaking premise: Scott is a father of five who is diagnosed with cancer, and so calls in a group of his friends to become his children's 'council of dads' for when he dies. Pass the tissues, we feel a snotty cry coming on.

4. 'Home Before Dark', Apple TV+, Friday, April 3

Perfect for: People who count ET among their favourite films

This series is created by Jon M Chu (who directed Crazy Rich Asians) and it has already been renewed for a second season, which is a very good sign. It is inspired by Hilde Lysiak, who started a newspaper focusing on her home town when she was just 9. The series follows the unearthing of a cold case by the plucky young reporter.

5. 'Tales from the Loop', Amazon Prime, Friday, April 3

Perfect for: People who know The OA 'dance' by heart  

Inspired by the paintings of Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag, which show idyllic landscapes shared by people, extra-terrestrials and robots, this show hones in on a town built above 'the loop', a machine that lets them unlock the mysteries of the universe. Kind of like Stranger Things, but it looks like the extra dimension here is whimsical and wondrous rather than downright dastardly.

6. 'Run', OSN and Wavo, Monday, April 13

Perfect for: Fans of Fleabag who also crave a little adventure

From the creators of the inimitable Fleabag, this new show stars the equally excellent Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleason as former flames who escape their respective lives together. It's part rom-com, part thriller, and it's tight at only seven episodes.

7. 'Killing Eve', Wavo, Monday, April 13

Perfect for: those who love their villains as fashionable as they are maniacal 

Season three of the popular, off-the-wall assassin drama will stream on Wavo in the UAE at the same time it drops in the United States. If you haven't watched seasons one and two, we suggest you get to it. The odd spy thriller will certainly keep you on your toes.

8. 'The Innocence Files', Netflix, Wednesday, April 15

Perfect for: all true crime fans

Netflix generally does true crime very well, and this original takes on eight cases from the Innocence Project, episode by episode. Expect it to be an infuriating watch because the Innocence Project takes on cases of people who have compelling evidence of innocence, but are still stuck behind bars.

9. 'Bosch', Amazon Prime, Thursday, April 16

Perfect for: Those who like their detectives gruff 

Season six of the laconic detective show hits screens next month. This season sees Harry take on domestic terrorists. We will basically watch anything with Titus Welliver in it, so will be tuning in.

10. 'Home', Apple TV+, Friday, April 17

A glimpse at one of the homes that will be explored in the show. Apple

Perfect for: fans of Grand Designs (who isn't a fan, though, really?)

This show will comprise nine episodes, each one taking you into a truly unique home: they will interview the design minds behind it, too. The interviews are fine, but mostly we just love a nosy around other people's abodes.

11. 'After Life', Netflix, Friday, April 24

Perfect for: letting out a big cry (and a chortle or two)

The first season of Ricky Gervais's touching Netflix show had us bawling, laughing and cringing all at once. If the second season is as perfectly pitched as the first, which sees a man (Gervais) struggle after the death of his wife, then it will be just the binge watch we all need right now.

12. 'I Know This Much is True', Wavo, Monday, April 27

Perfect for: people who like their books, and TV shows, bleak 

The wonderful Mark Ruffalo plays two people in this show: Dominick and his twin brother ,Thomas, who is a paranoid schizophrenic. The heartbreaking relationship drama is based on the wonderful book by Wally Lamb, and the show is helmed by Derek Cianfrance (director of Blue Valentine). Expect it to be bleak, but also likely very good.

13. 'Never Have I Ever', Netflix, Monday, April 27

Perfect for: fans of Mindy Kaling (and those who like their comedies without canned laughter)

Based on her own upbringing, the funny and smart Mindy Kaling has created this new show that charts the coming-of-age of a first-generation American whose parent immigrated from India. We expect this to be witty and razor sharp.

New to streaming in the UAE ...

While these seasons have been out in the US for a while, Starz Play is getting season 14 of Grey's Anatomy on Wednesday, April 1, season four of Blindspot on Monday, April 13, season two of Marvel's Runaways on Wednesday, April 15, season six of The Americans on Thursday, April 16 and season four of Supergirl on Friday, April 17.


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