Beyond the Headlines podcast: At least on Iran, Trump has clear message

US President Donald Trump's second United Nations General Assembly was, to say the least, uneven.

It started off when he showed up late to his speech at the general debate, then 20 minutes late to the UNSC briefing that he chaired. He waffled in his stance toward the Palestinian-Israeli peace plan in the span of a day. He described his correspondence with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un as "beautiful". And then during his Security Council briefing on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, he seemed to claim that China was interfering in the US midterm elections against him.

However, during all of that, the US president was crystal clear on Iran, and he was dead-set on making the world know it. His speeches contained strong language on Tehran, saying that its leaders were adamant on destabilizing the Arab world.

We discuss Trump's impact at the UN General Assembly in this episode of Beyond the Headlines. Listen here..

Host Naser Alwasmi is joined by The National's Joyce Karam and Damien McElroy in New York. How will Trump's message affect US relations with foreign neighbours, and will it have any impact on the upcoming midterm elections?

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