Disappointment for Ronaldo fans at Real Madrid Cafe launch in Dubai

Real Madrid players who arrived late to the opening of a cafe on The Walk, in Dubai, left fans wanting more.

DUBAI // Thousands of Cristiano Ronaldo fans who flooded JBR on Monday were left waiting for hours after the visiting Real Madrid players arrived late to the opening of the Real Madrid Cafe on The Walk near Dubai Marina.

Disappointed fans took to social media to vent their frustration that their heroes arrived unfashionably late and did not acknowledge them once they did.

“Some people were waiting there with kids for hours while others paid to be there and they all barely got acknowledged by the fans,” said Babak Golriz, 32, who is visiting from Oman. “These players are role models, idols to these children and this sets a bad example when they are treated this way.”

Mr Golriz added that although the incident was disappointing, he was not surprised.

“Unfortunately, these teams do not respect their fans in the Middle and Far East and because they make a lot of money here they are seen as cash to them,” he said.

Of those who posted online some agreed, saying the least the players could do is act interested, while others said seeing the players in person was worth the wait.

Official video of the Cafe’s inauguration posted on Real Madrid’s YouTube channel showed the players rushing into the new establishment past thousands of screaming fans, with one of the players saying he did not know the fans were such fanatics.

Neither Real Madrid nor representatives from Real Madrid Cafe responded to requests for comment.


Published: December 30, 2014 04:00 AM