Russell Peters shoots new Amazon Prime special in Mumbai

The news comes as Amazon Prime (along with its video streaming service) has recently launched in the UAE

Russell Peters has shot a new Amazon Prime special while touring in India. Pawan Singh / The National
Russell Peters has shot a new Amazon Prime special while touring in India. Pawan Singh / The National

Russell Peters next comedy special has been shot in India.

The Indian-Canadian comic recently completed a run of shows in the country that included two shows in Mumbai’s SVP Stadium on June 2 and 3 (which was then followed by a Gulf tour which had him perform at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena on June 6).

Speaking to The National, Peters said those shows, which are part of his Deported world tour, will form his third comedy special and the first for Amazon Prime Video. Details of the new special will be announced soon.

With 2013’s Notorious and 2016’s Almost Famous available on Netflix, Peters says his decision is to move to Amazon Prime Video was down to the former online platform being ‘too crowded’ when it comes to stand-up comedy specials.

“Netflix is great for me and everything. We had a good time. I'm still going to do work with them in the future, I just don't think we'll be doing specials with them for me,” he says.

“I just think the space is a little crowded there, and it got to the point that when I go to Netflix to look at something, I literally fall asleep on the menu page trying to figure out what I want to watch. I never end up watching anything because that preview page knocks me out.”

Peters move will not affect his UAE fans, as Amazon Prime has launched in the UAE earlier this month.

In addition to the online shopping and shipping benefits, the paid subscription service also offers Prime Video free-of-charge, which includes Amazon Originals and international licensed content.

With both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video keen on building their content, Peters says it is a great time for stand-up comics to bring their material to a large audience.

However, he cautions his colleagues on viewing both platforms as the key to success. It is your material, he says, that will dictate your career fortunes.

“If you're a comic, you know exactly what you need to do to make your set. You can't focus on the special. You have to focus on creating a really good touring set. And then once you get it to where you want it to be, you can be like, all right, I am ready to record this,” he says.

“I think people are so fixated on being on Netflix or something so people can see them. They are doing it wrong. You should just worry about being a good comic.”

Published: June 16, 2019 02:31 PM


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