Yes, Marmite hummus is a thing: UK supermarket launches yeast-flavoured dip

The popular spread has lent its distinctive, salty flavour to a new hummus range at Tesco

As the tagline goes, you either love it or hate it – and Marmite's latest invention certainly seems to be dividing opinion.

The pungent food spread, made from yeast extract, has teamed up with a UK supermarket to release a range of Marmite-flavoured hummus.

The chickpea and tahini dip, a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, has been given a twist by being blended with the salty, sticky spread.

The product, simply named Marmite Houmous, debuted online and in-store at branches of Tesco in the UK this week.

Priced at £1.50 (Dh7) a pot, the spread contains cooked chickpeas with Marmite, tahini sesame seed paste, lemon juice and garlic puree, according to Tesco's website.

The dip appears to be exclusively sold by the supermarket chain, and is not yet available outside the UK.

Neither Marmite, which first launched in 1902 and is now owned by Unilever, nor Tesco have confirmed if the product will be sold outside of Britain.

According to UK reports, the concept appears to have been spurred on by a social media post from March, in which a Twitter user shared a picture of Marmite and hummus combined on slices of toast.

"‘Marmite and hummus on toast. Lunch of the gods!" the post read, to which the brand responded: "The Marmite combinations are flooding in. Marmite and hummus anyone?"

As the dip began popping up on shelves, social media users shared their thoughts on the new release.

"There is someone on this Earth who one day, woke up, went to the bathroom, and while looking at the mirror, thought it was a good idea to make yeast-based hummus," wrote one Twitter user. "No self-respect, no dignity. Why do someone would be willing to commit such a massacre?"

"I like Marmite, but ... why is this even a thing? Surely it’s the food equivalent of ‘Monkey Tennis’ and should never have even made it past the brain storming stage," another wrote.

However, some that had tried the product vouched for its appeal.

"Marmite Houmous ... Best thing I've tasted all day. Houmous just became palatable," one Twitter user commented.

"This is as great a combination as you'd think," said another.

This isn't the first fusion product Marmite has launched in recent years. The spread last year unveiled Marmite peanut butter – the first new permanent product added to the brand's portfolio since it launched its namesake spread.

Last month, Marmite also teamed up with toiletry company Lynx to create a specially scented body wash and spray. These too, thankfully, are only available in the UK.