Sharjah gang arrested for stealing cables they installed themselves

The three technicians were caught red-handed by police

Three technicians were arrested by police after stealing cables they had installed themselves only hours earlier at a number of under-construction buildings in Sharjah.

The thieving trio were spotted making away from the scene of one of their crimes by keen-eyed police officers.

The cops approached the gang after witnessing them acting suspiciously and carrying a large bag.

During questioning, the Asian men admitted carrying out the thefts.

Police did not disclose the date of their arrest.

“They were caught because of the vigilant officers at the force’s Dibba Al-Hisn Police Station who suspected their behaviour one night,” said Colonel Ali Mohammed Al Kay Al Hammoudi, director of the eastern region police department.

“They stopped the suspects when they saw one carrying a very large bag and were acting suspiciously, and at first the men pretended not to understand Arabic language.

"We discovered that they worked for a company that provides electricity connections services and while on duty the men would prepare purchase orders for the needed cables and hand them to buildings owners.
"When bought, the trio would install the cables in the morning then return later at night and steal them before claiming to the owner of the building that they were stolen by others."

The senior official called on business owners to bolster their security and carry out thorough background checks on employees  to avoid falling foul of criminals.