Vibrissae: Dubai's new cat cafe is home to 15 fluffy residents and dalgona coffee

Fluffy companions and cuppas await at the new family-friendly spot

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UAE residents looking to make some furry friends as they sip on their cuppas can head to this new Dubai spot.

Cat Cafe Vibrissae opened in Al Safa 1 at the beginning of February, giving residents access to its 15 fluffy residents.

The name "vibrissae" refers to the whiskers of a cat.

Take a look through the photo gallery above to see more of the cafe.

Inside, there's a "cat area", where the felines are allowed to frolic around, and it comes complete with scratching posts, tree towers and other accessories. It costs Dh49 for adults to enter the cat area, which includes a hot tea, coffee and water, while it's Dh39 for children under age 10.

Any guests who are not comfortable being around cats – or those who have allergies – can sit in a separate space and watch the pets through a glass wall.

According to its founder, Ahmad AK, Vibrissae is a passion project launched solely because of his wife's love for cats. "Before I got married, cats were just another member of the household," he tells The National. "But my wife loved cats, so we ended up getting one and to my surprise it was the best experience ever. They are the best stress relievers – something we all need during these times."

Before opening, the owners adopted full litters, which is how they've come to have three sets of feline siblings at the cafe. They have adorable names, such as Pyrette (for his pirate-like appearance) and Wolfie, and they were all introduced to each other from a young age, which has helped them bond and get along.

“That was one of the most difficult aspects,” says Ahmad. “There were two who never got along with the others – so we keep them at our house now.”

This is not Dubai's first cat cafe, as Ailuromania opened at Jumeirah Street in 2015. However, unlike Ailuromania, the cats at Vibrissae are not up for adoption.

The new cafe also has some other rules: people are not allowed to bring their own cats, children under the age of 10 need to be accompanied by adults, and while everyone is allowed to play with the cats, running after them, waking them up or "disturbing the residents of the cafe" is strictly prohibited.

Vibrissae does not serve food for guests at the moment, but does have a selection of beverages, such as the signature iced and hot rose lattes. Also on the menu are hot chocolate, Spanish latte and the internet sensation dalgona coffee.

The cafe is open from Sunday to Wednesday, noon-9pm, and Thursday to Saturday until 10pm.