Amid cancelling concerns 'Friends' fans in the UAE can still stream the show on Netflix and Starzplay

On Wednesday, January 1, the show was pulled from streaming services in the USA

Netflix gave Friends fans around the world a scare last week, when it was reported that the sitcom was being pulled from the site on Wednesday, January 1. However, it has materialised that the change has only been rolled out in the US, in the months leading up to the May launch of HBO Max.

A Netflix representative confirmed to The National that "Friends leaving Netflix in the US has no impact on deals in other countries where the show is still available."

We don't know if that is indefinite or not, but for the time being, you can still get your fix of the 10-series-long comedy.

The show is not limited to Netflix on UAE streaming sites. It is also available to watch in its entirety on Starzplay, which you can try for free with a 30-day trial.

In an Arabic tweet from Sunday, December 29 Starzplay Arabia confirmed that the show was "not going anywhere" in 2020.

The National has reached out to Netflix and Starzplay for confirmation that Friends will remain on available for the rest of the year.

Naturally, there has been outrage from fans in the USA

Some fans are already cancelling 2020:

Others are threatening to turn their backs on the streaming site:

And some have already done it:


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