Idex 2021: Inflatable aircraft hangars that can be assembled in Siberia in hours

The hangars can be used in extreme temperatures ranging from –60°C to +70°C and can withstand hurricane force winds

Portable aircraft hangars. Courtesy: Aviatech

When the Chilean air force needed ideas for an operating base in the uncompromising Antarctica terrain, they knew who to call.

The region is one of most uninhabitable places on earth yet Russian company Aviatech supplied the country with a 600-square-metre inflatable hangar that could be built on the icy terrain of its Union Glacier camp.

Put simply, the company’s inflatable hangars do not need foundations, can be built within hours and do not usually require a building permit.

Now the company has established an office in Sharjah and is seeking more business deals at its booth in Idex as part of the Russian pavilion.

“We are looking for sales in the UAE,” said Aviatech’s Aleksas Fogel. “It has being going well and we have some Saudi Arabian and UAE companies interested. The companies are typically aviation such as civil companies operating small planes or helicopters.”

In the company’s 15-year history, it has built more than 200 of the hangars across the globe, from Indonesia to Kazakhstan, with the biggest more than 2,500 sqm.

They have been used to protect fighter jets and helicopters, in disaster management, for entertainment and sports facilities, to build remote workshops, forward operating bases and everything in-between.

The hangars can be used in extreme temperatures ranging from -60°C to +70°C and are designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

Sand bags are commonly used as weights meaning the hangars do not require any groundwork. They start at around $250 per square metre, but each unit differs in cost because of factors such as terrain and capacity.

“In a couple of days, you have warm conditions in the middle of Siberia,” said Mr Fogel.

“If you want to relocate a business, you can also relocate your house. You don’t need permits. It is that easy.”

Day two at Idex: