UAE weather: Temperatures to peak at 28°C

Dubai and Abu Dhabi is forecast to see a 27°C maximum

Temperatures in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will reach the mid-20s on Saturday, and even the best temperatures are unlikely to break 28°C.

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the forecast is for a 27°C maximum.

Along the coast and islands the maximum is likely to be 27°C with 80 per cent humidity, and the mountains are expected to hit 25°C with 70 per cent humidity.

The interior is expected to reach 28°C with up to 85 per cent humidity.

The National Centre of Meteorology Friday would be partly cloudy at times over the islands and some coastal areas with a probability of light rainfall.
The light to moderate winds will freshen at times over the sea. The sea will be moderate in the Arabian Gulf and slight to moderate in the Oman Sea.

The humid night will carry into Saturday morning over some internal areas.