Dubai Police rescue girl whose arm got stuck in pipe trying to reach kitten

Officers had to force open the locked bathroom door to help teenager

The girl was trying to reach her kitten, which was inside a bathroom water pipe. Courtesy: Dubai Police
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A teenager who got her arm stuck in a bathroom pipe while trying to rescue her kitten was freed by the emergency services.

Dubai Police had to force open a locked door to help the girl, who had reached into an 8cm pipe to grab the cat.

The force said it sent its difficult missions squad, which made quick work of the incident, freeing the girl in 10 minutes.

“The bathroom door was locked and the 16-year-old girl was trying to rescue her cat, which was trapped in the drain pipe,” said Lt Col Abdullah Bishwah, head of the land rescue Department at Dubai Police.

The girl, stuck at an awkward angle between the toilet and bathtub, shouted for help from her family, who called police to their home in Khawaneej, near Dubai airport.

She used her phone’s torchlight to see the kitten before reaching in.

“She then couldn’t pull her arm out," Lt Col Bishwah said.

“The pipe where her hand got stuck was only 8cm wide.”

“Teams from land rescue department and difficult missions squad responded to the report at once.”

He said the door's lock was picked open and the girl and kitten were freed.

Earlier this week, officials said they had seen a high number of accidents in the home, often related to children being left unattended.

They urged parents to keep an eye on their children and look out for avoidable hazards.

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