Business Extra Podcast: Abu Dhabi Rolls-Royce dealer takes luxury to another level

The UAE is well known for its enduring love of premium luxury cars and the capital is home to Rolls-Royce’s most successful dealership. With an unmatched total of 20 Global Awards in 14 years, Abu Dhabi Motors remains the top dealer globally, selling upwards of 1,500 vehicles since 2003.

In this week’s Business Extra Podcast, host Chris Nelson visits the dealership - in a Rolls-Royce Ghost no less - to talk to its general manager, Arno Husselmann.

Mr Husselmann expands on what was another very good year for the company and for Abu Dhabi Motors, which also sells BMWs, and how Rolls-Royce is moving into new territory with the soon-to-be launched Cullinan 4x4.

He also reveals the brand's growing focus on younger customers -- the newly minted app billionaires, for instance -- plus its development of electric cars and the dealership's ongoing rivalry with Beverly Hills Rolls-Royce in Los Angeles.