Groom fails maths test; Indian bride walks out of wedding

She claimed the man had misled the family about his education.

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NEW DELHI // An Indian bride has walked out of her wedding ceremony after her groom-to-be failed to solve a simple maths problem.

The bride tested the groom on his maths skills and when he got the sum wrong, she walked out.

The question she asked: How much is 15 plus six.

His reply: 17.

The groom’s family tried persuading the bride to return, but she refused. She said the groom had misled them about his education.

Local police mediated between the families and both sides returned all the gifts that had been exchanged before the wedding, police officer Rakesh Kumar said on Friday.

Most marriages in India are arranged by the families of the bride and groom. Except for brief meetings, the couple rarely get to know each other before the nuptials.

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