Unsafe food and cosmetics seized in RAK

Authorities embark on inspection campaign to safeguard public

Over 190 kg of unsafe food and cosmetics have been confiscated and destroyed by authorities in Ras Al Khaimah since November.

Shaima Al Tunaiji, deputy director of the public health department at RAK municipality, said 89kg of cosmetic products and 103kg of food items - that were still on shelves long past their expiry date and deemed unfit for human consumption - were seized from 73 shops in the emirate.

Since November, municipality inspectors have issued 25 warnings to a number of shops for violating public health conditions.

“The campaign included 332 inspections to 995 shops across the emirate to ensure they maintain public health rules and regulations, the campaign also seized one unfit vehicle that was offered for sale,” said Ms Al Tunaiji.

Authorites also issued 2 061 health certificates for workers in the emirate and issued 78 permits to export foodstuffs, after tests showed that the items were fit for human consumption.

Ms Al Tunaiji said the municipality has also tightened its control over markets in an effort to ensure regulations are followed. Adding that the department’s health inspectors carry out periodic inspections of all types of retailers.

Published: December 13, 2017 01:35 PM