Five beat Mers infection, says Abu Dhabi health authority

The Health Authority - Abu Dhabi expects patients who are still under quarantine to also recover soon.

ABU DHABI // Five more patients kept in isolation after testing positive for the Mers coronavirus have been cleared of any infection, the emirate’s health authority said yesterday.

The patients, who tested positive through routine screening, will be leaving hospital soon, the state news agency Wam reported.

The Health Authority Abu Dhabi said 10 patients had now tested negative after being kept in precautionary quarantine.

The five most recent were able to overcome the infection in between 10 and 14 days without undergoing treatment, Haad said.

The regulator said it expected others who had tested positive for Mers would soon overcome the infection and be able to go home. They are being assessed daily.

Haad said it was coordinating with the Ministry of Health and other authorities in the country.

The ministry said it was monitoring the situation closely and said it had followed recommendations outlined by the World Health Organisation.

It said that Mers was not a public health concern and that the current situation did not require a travel ban to any country in the world, screenings at ports, or any restrictions on trade.