FNC draft law proposing stadium upgraded draws heated debate

Members of the council were locked in a heated debate about Article 12 - necessary in order to ensure safety measures met international standards - which had been added by the FNC committee.

ABU DHABI // The FNC has passed a draft law concerning the safety of sports stadiums, despite disagreements about the legislation’s wording.

At Tuesday’s session, members became involved in a heated debate about Article 12 that had been added by the FNC committee that revised the law.

“Sports infrastructures are obliged to do the following: allocate places for VIPs, the handicapped, senior citizens”, the article states.

Marwan bin Ghalita said he was concerned over the term “obliged” because it could mean smaller facilities, which are incapable of adding such measures, could face fines and custodial sentences.

“There is no need for this addition of obligations and conditions on the infrastructure,” he said. “Maybe this facility does not hold events attended by VIPs.”

Another member argued that those measures existed already for sports facilities, such as standards set by Fifa, adding that “the committee stated it for confirmation only”.

Mr bin Ghalita said if this article was covered in other laws there was no need for it to be added.

A FNC legal counsellor explained that this law was specially designed for sports facilities and events.

Article 12 was necessary to ensure safety measures in accordance with international laws.

Mr bin Ghalita said small facilities could not afford the costs of installing special sections for families and VIPs.

“The question is,” he asked, is “if my facility does not have a place for families and VIPs will I be fined?”

Another member, Ahmad Al Shamsi, said he saw no harm in adding that the article was just a matter of confirming existing safety measures.

The legal expert proposed a solution that Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, Minister of Interior, exempt small facilities.

Sheikh Saif said both sides had a logical point and agreed to suggest a change in the wording of the article.


Published: May 6, 2014 04:00 AM