Secret of saving planet? Alien hamsters

A show on climate change shows children in Abu Dhabi how extreme weather conditions can affect the Earth.

ABU DHABI // Algae tubes and alien hamsters on wheels were some of the weird and wonderful ideas children in the capital came up with to fight the effects of climate change.

The youngsters had been asked to think of suggestions during a fun but informative show by the British Punk Science team.

As part of the Abu Dhabi Festival, the two-man team of John Milton and Daniel Carter-Hope presented demonstrations, laughs and audience participation on the where, what and how of climate change.

"We're very much a mix of a comedy show and a science show so we're educational but we like to be funny at the same time," Mr Milton said.

"Although kids already know the stuff we're talking about, we go into a little more detail," Mr Carter-Hope said.

The show, part of an educational programme from the Science Museum in London, has been seen worldwide and is being presented in Abu Dhabi for the first time.

"It's the furthest from home we've been and it's our first time out of Europe, but the kids here are brilliant," said Mr Carter-Hope.

During the show, the pair asked the children for ideas to combat the impact of climate change. Mr Milton said one six-year-old suggested the use of algae tubes.

"A strange idea was alien hamsters on wheels, which we didn't quite understand," Mr Carter-Hope said.

The pair are booked for shows with different schools at the Abu Dhabi Theatre until tomorrow.