Embassy in Bahrain to open all day

UAE Embassy in Bahrain to run for 24 hours during the national teams run in the Gulf Cup. Ambassador said that embassy will be serving the needs of UAE fans in bahrain supporting the team.

The UAE Ambassador to Bahrain, Mohammed Sultan Al Suwaidi, said the Manama embassy would be open for 24 hours to help fans during the Gulf Cup, the state news agency Wam said.

On a visit yesterday to the venue for the 21st Gulf Football Cup, the ambassador urged the team to live up to the expectations of UAE supporters while congratulating the side on having qualified for the semi-finals.

"Since the kick-off of the championship, the embassy has been on its toes," Mr Al Suwaidi said.

"Given the huge numbers of supporters from the Emirates, we formed a 24-hour committee to ensure their comfort.

"Although we are aware that Emiratis are in the country of their brothers in Bahrain,we have formed this committee to solve emergency cases such as hotel and flight bookings."

Bahrain's hosting of the championships had been a success, he added.

"It is sufficient to remind ourselves that the first Gulf Cup was organised here and that this is the fourth Gulf Football Cup to have been hosted in Bahrain.

"The organisation was excellent starting from the arrival of the delegations, to the simple and elegant opening reception, to the huge fan turnout - an excellent organisation in all aspects."

Mr Al Suwaidi said the embassy had not received any complaints from fans.