Tunisian director Chawki Majri dies, aged 58

The director's latest work was 'Dakikat Samt', which aired during Ramadan this year

Tunisian director Chawki Mejri arrives for the opening ceremony of the Carthage Film Festival's 28th edition on November 4, 2017 in Tunis. (Photo by FETHI BELAID / AFP)

Renowned Tunisian director Chawki Majri passed away today after suffering from a heart attack while in Egypt, according to the Tunisian news agency Tap.

Majri was particularly known for his work in Arabic television drama, and his latest work was Dakikat Samt (Moment of Silence). He directed a number of series such as Asmahan starring Soulaf Fawakherji, Halawat Rouh starring Haifa Wehbe, and Hodoo'e Nesbi starring Abed Fahed and Nelly Karim.

He also directed one film, Kingdom of the Ants, starring Abed Fahed and his ex wife Saba Mubarak in 2012.

Key people in the Arab film industry paid tribute to the late director today. Syrian actor Abed Fahed tweeted: "And the journey ends with a moment of silence", referring to the title of the director's last work. "A moment of silence for the soul of my brother and friend, the creative director, Chawki Majri.

"The journey started in 2009 with Asmahan, then Kingdom of the Ants, Hodoo'e Nesbi and ended with A Moment of Silence."

Tunisian actress Hend Sabri shared a post on Instagram with a comment that said that Majri deserves to be called 'a great Arab director'.

Majri and Saba Mubarak were married in 2012, but later divorced. They had one child together. Today, Mubarak posted a simple black square to Instagram as a statement of mourning: