When are the final UAE public holidays of 2019?

Three days of public holiday remain for UAE residents and citizens for the rest of the year

With some schools only beginning to open on Sunday, it may feel like it is too soon to be wondering about holidays. But it is ever too early to wonder about holidays?

Now that the Islamic New Year has passed — falling on a Saturday to the disappointment of many — the next public holiday the UAE can look forward to will be three months from now.

Commemoration Day, a public holiday that honours Emiratis who died in the line of duty, will be on December 1. Also known as Martyrs' Day, Commemoration Day was established in 2015 and, prior to this year, fell on November 30. It was moved to December 1 next to National Day — which is the next holiday.

On December 2, the UAE will celebrate its 48th year since formation. National Day is usually followed with an extra day off, to allow residents and Emiratis time to recover from late night celebrations, that typically include car parades and fireworks.

December 1-3 fall on Sunday through Tuesday, giving public and private sector workers — who do not work on Saturdays — a long weekend of five days.

Those will be the last of the public holidays for this year. The year 2020 will begin with a day off however, on Wednesday, January 1.

This year, the UAE Cabinet announced that the private sector would have the same amount of holiday as the public sector.

The decree unified holidays for public and private sectors to have 14 days off in 2019.

The standardisation was part of a drive to attract Emiratis to the private sector.

Updated: September 1, 2019 05:47 PM


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