UAE consumer Q&As: Should Etisalat compensate me for three days of no service?

A beauty product I purchased was oxidised when I opened it. Can I return it?

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Q: I

ordered three items online and expected to receive them within five business days, as stated by the site. I do not wish to cancel the goods I bought. What can I do if my online purchase is not delivered by the seller, or it is delivered late? Can I demand that the Dh35 fee be waived for failure to deliver

on time?

A: Generally, there are terms and conditions that a buyer has to agree to or "check" on a website before making a purchase. Those terms and conditions may be considered as an agreement between parties, which may elaborate on terms of sale. If terms and condition state that delivery will be given free if not delivered with the five-day period then you may have a right to have deliver fee waived. Otherwise you may be required to pay delivery fee in full for having products delivered at your doorstep or you may refuse to receive products.

Q: I bought a face product that I discovered was oxidised after opening it. I'm not sure how this happened but I'm guessing it might be from the way it was transported. I tried returning it to the store and they said that I probably left it open in the sun - which I haven't. It's an expensive product that is sensitive to sunlight. How can I prove that it was their fault and why aren't they taking responsibility?

A: Any defect in a product must be immediately reported to the seller. According to consumer protection law no 24 of 2006, the seller is obliged to either refund the whole amount or exchange products. You may raise a complaint against the seller in the consumer protection department to seek a remedy prescribed by law. As long as the defect existed at the time of purchase, you may claim full refund or exchange of product.

Q: My Etisalat mobile internet data package stopped working. I filed a complaint. I was without internet for a few days so I bought an additional 1GB internet package for Dh50 while my issue was being resolved. It took them three days

. Shouldn't they refund me for the 1GB package I bought while they were fixing my problem? Essentially, it was the company's fault.

A: If the subscription contract with Etisalat states that an alternative internet scheme will be provided in the event of a fault then you may have a right to claim an alternative package while issues with existing subscription are resolved. In all other events, Etisalat may not be liable to compensate for alternative data packages.

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