Policeman accused of hanging out with prostitutes in Abu Dhabi nightclub

An Emirati policeman and his friend are accused of 'beautifying the sin' with two prostitutes at a nightclub.

ABU DHABI // An Emirati policeman and his friend have been accused of “beautifying the sin” with two prostitutes at a nightclub.

Interior Ministry policeman K A and his friend were in court over the charge, which alludes to a romantic but non-sexual liaison between two people who are not married or engaged to be married. Prosecutors have charged the two Uzbek women they were with, K S and T A, with prostitution.

“You are also accused as an Interior Ministry policeman of knowing about the crime the two women were committing and not reporting them,” said chief justice Idris bin Mansour.

K A, however, insisted that he did not know the two women or what they did and said that his co-defendant, R M, also an Emirati, was a friend who he did not regularly socialise with.

The friend has also been accused of being in possession of alcohol, which he confessed to in court on Monday. However, he denied the charge, saying that he had never met the women. The Uzbek women have also been charged with “beautifying the sin”, in addition to being accused of prostitution.

T A said she worked at an Uzbek restaurant in the capital, while K S said she worked at a company in Sharjah and denied living with R M at a hotel for a long period of time.

Defence lawyers said the prosecution case files lacked any motive for the crime or any tangible evidence and that K A’s confessions should not be admissible.

K S’s lawyer said his client was questioned by police without the presence of a translator.

“We know that criminal court rulings are based on confirmed evidence and not suspicions ... the defendants have been in custody for a long time over a case that does not have any proof,” he said.

The case has been adjourned.


Published: December 15, 2014 04:00 AM