Coronavirus: UAE records 1,883 new cases and four deaths

A further 1,956 people beat the virus while number of active cases falls

The UAE reported 1,883 Covid-19 cases on Wednesday, a drop in infections for the third day running.

The latest daily caseload brought the country’s overall tally to 476,019.

A further 1,956 people beat the virus, raising the recovery total to 460,841.

The number of active cases fell to 13,658, as daily recoveries continue to exceed new infections.

The death toll is 1,520, after four fatalities in the 24-hour reporting period.

An additional 243,759 tests were carried out.

Close to 39.3 million tests have been conducted since the outbreak began.

Case numbers have steadily declined in recent weeks after reaching a daily peak of 3,977 on February 3.

In the first week of April, 14,575 infections were reported, a daily average of 2,082.

The seven-day running total shows an encouraging fall from comparative figures recorded earlier in the year.

In the first week of February, 22,886 infections were reported, an average of 3,269 per day.

In March, this number dropped to 19,325, which represents an average of 2,760 infections per day.

Death rates fell during the same period.

From 71 in the first week of February, they rose to 101 for the same period in March. But from April 1 to April 7, that figure fell to 23.

Authorities cited mass screening and the success of a nationwide vaccination campaign as key to the recent drop in the numbers of infections and deaths.