Investigations into rape of girl complete, says UAE Attorney General

Hamad Al Shamsi prohibits the release of information or circulation of video to protect victim

The UAE public prosecution completed its investigation into the rape of a girl by a group of men, officials said on Sunday.

Attorney General Dr Hamad Al Shamsi said prosecutors ordered the men be detained while they await trial.

"Legal measures have been taken against [the accused] in light of the evidence in the case and all its circumstances," he said.

This month, footage of a girl being raped by a group of men was posted online and widely circulated across social media.

Dr Al Shamsi said the incident "shook public opinion."

On December 10, he said an urgent investigation led to the arrest of the suspects "within a very short period of time".

No further details of the incident and the alleged rapists were revealed but Dr Al Shamsi thanked Ras Al Khaimah's public prosecution and police force for their co-operation in the case.

He also said that their collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police accelerated the arrests.

Publishing any details related to the case has been prohibited under law by Dr Al Shamsi. On Sunday, he reiterated that circulation of the video was also prohibited.

“This is to protect public welfare and to be considerate of the victim,” he said.