Man rapes woman at knifepoint after following her home, court hears

Prosecutors say the man threatened to post a video of the woman naked online if she called police

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A man followed a woman home and raped her at knifepoint, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On February 16, the accused, 23, attacked the woman at the doorstep to her flat in Naif, after she had gone out to drop her son off to his school bus.

“He came from behind me and placed the knife to my throat before forcing me into my home,” said the 39-year-old woman, from India.

The accused, a salesman from India, dragged her to the bedroom and forced her to take off her clothes while filming her. He then raped the woman, stole Dh200 from her purse and left the flat.

“He asked me to check if no one was outside the apartment so he could leave and threatened to post the recording if I told anyone or reported him,” said the woman.

As soon as her husband returned home from work, she told him what happened and he called police.

Two days later, Criminal Investigations Department officers tracked down and arrested the accused who, during questioning, admitted to raping the woman and stealing from her.

“We found Dh135 with him which he said were remaining from the amount he stole from his victim,” a policeman said in court records.

Court records also showed that the accused and his alleged victim did not know each other.

At court on Sunday, the accused was charged with rape and theft. He was also charged with consuming alcohol without a licence.

His pleas were made in a closed courtroom and his next hearing is scheduled for September 6.