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Abu Dhabi woman accused of proselytising

Indian woman alleged to have been handing out copies of the Bible in the street.
ABU DHABI // A Indian woman has appeared before the criminal court accused of proselytising and handing out copies of the Bible in the street.

SM, from India, was allegedly standing in Al Najda Street surrounded by a group of young men when an Arab man approached her and asked about the book she was holding, the court heard.

The witness told the court that SM told him it has great benefits and can cure diseases.

When he asked if it was a copy of the Quran, SM is alleged to have answered: "No, it is much better than the Quran and more ancient; it's a Bible."

The witness said he then asked for a copy and SM gave him one translated into Arabic. He then reported her to police and she was arrested.

During investigations, SM admitted distributing eight out of 10 copies in different languages she had purchased from a church.

However, today in court she said she only had three.

"When I walk in the park and read from the Bible people usually stop me and ask for a copy. So I brought three from the church in case someone asked."

She said the Arab man stopped her as she was walking and asked what she was reading.

"I told him it's a book of benefits, he asked if it was the word of God, I said it was, so he asked for a copy and I gave it to him."

The court showed SM three copies confiscated after she was arrested.

"Yes, those are the only ones I had with me, one Arabic, one Urdu and one Bengali."

A verdict will be announced on March 12.


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