Thersa May should be praised for her Brexit plan

British Prime Minister Theresa May has so far failed to convince MPs to accept her Brexit deal. EPA
British Prime Minister Theresa May has so far failed to convince MPs to accept her Brexit deal. EPA

I refer to your article British PM makes last ditch attempt to get her Brexit deal through (March 28). I do not understand why Theresa May would need to resign if her Brexit deal went through. Mrs May has worked very hard during the past six months to negotiate the best deal possible for the UK. She should be lauded for her efforts but instead, she is endlessly criticised because the parliament rejected the deal. If her Brexit deal is finally accepted, she should be applauded. She should not have to pay the price of her success by quitting her job.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

We must focus on renewable energies for transportation

I refer to your article Renewables could generate 100 per cent of the UAE’s power 'within 50 years' (March). The real issue with renewable energy is not green electricity but green transportation. If we are truly concerned about reducing the carbon footprint we need to look at transportation, which predominantly runs on fossil fuels.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Thunderstorms are a rare sight in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

I write to you in reference to Anam Rizvi ’s article UAE Weather: thunderstorms lash Abu Dhabi and Dubai (March 28). Let’s just take it easy and drive carefully, with enough safety distance ­between cars.

Youmbu Seba, Abu Dhabi

The weather in Abu Dhabi is similar to that of Scotland right now, except the UAE gets to enjoy a light show.

Carol Dawson, Edinburgh

Social media should abide by the same rules as traditional media

|I refer to Patrick Ryan’s article New laws needed to tackle global threat of fake news, Arab Media Forum told (March 27). Until social media companies are regulated like any other media corporation we will be unable to combat fake news. As evidenced during the Christchurch terror attacks, horrific videos of savage killings can be live streamed in real time for the world to gawk at. Respectable newspapers or TV outlets would never dare to publish such content, why should Facebook and YouTube be allowed to do so? It's time world leaders put people’s lives above profits.

Howard Letch, Dubai

Updated: March 30, 2019 07:42 PM


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