Travel Essentials: insole power

Hours of walking around foreign cities can take its toll on your feet. But with these clever insoles, you'll be supported all the way.

35º Below Wool Insoles. Courtesy of 35º Below
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Sof Sole men's custom heat-molded insole

Strange as it sounds, these insoles need heating in an oven at just over 100º Celsius for two minutes before you put them on. The heat makes them pliable, so they mold to the shape of your foot. When they cool down, they make your shoe fit like a glove, as well as providing good support and cushioning. Available from for $22.94 (Dh84), plus shipping.

35º Below wool insoles

These insoles are made from Italian wool, so you can recreate the qualities of an Ugg boot in any shoe big enough to accommodate them. Comfortable and breathable, the insoles come in size 46 and have dotted lines marking smaller sizes, making them easy to cut to fit. The wool is soft but robust enough not to be squashed down by the pounding pressure of your feet. Available from for $12.52 (Dh46), plus shipping.

Dr Scholl's Double Air-Pillo

Once you have trimmed these insoles to fit inside your shoes, their "memory foam", a material that yields to the contours of your foot, takes care of the rest. The result, after a few days of wear, is customised insoles that protect against the impact of walking or running. The extra support can also help to relieve foot pain caused by common conditions such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Available from for US$19.74 (Dh73), plus shipping.