By any stretch: You can now rent a Nissan Patrol limousine in the UAE

A Dubai company that specialises in XXL versions of mainstream cars has just received a new arrival

Fans of Nissan Patrols who find the original models on the small side have something even more substantial to slide into.

A vehicle rental company in the UAE has just imported a stretch limousine version of the country's favourite SUV and it's available for hire.

The customisation, which includes a full internal refurbishment, was carried out in the US, at a special facility in California.

Nour Abdin of Dubai Exotic Limo, the company who commissioned the stretch Nissan and is now renting it out, says the firm always tries to get a range of exotic and unique vehicles for customers in the UAE.

"This is the only Patrol limousine in the whole world," he said.

Some of the other vehicles in Dubai Exotic Limo's fleet include elongated versions of a Dodge Charger, a pair of Hummers and a Cadillac Escalade.

The Patrol limousine can be yours for Dh800 an hour in Dubai. As one would expect, the model comes with leather interiors and surround sound, and can seat up to 24 passengers. It also includes privacy partitions, tinted windows and a two-way intercom, so guests can keep in touch with their driver.

According to the listing page, the ride also comes with a car phone, fully stocked refreshment bar and a 42-inch colour TV with a DVD player, so you can stay entertained on your commute.

More details can be found at Dubai Exotic Limo.