Lancaster launches one-minute in-shower self tan

Instant tans are often anything but instant with drying and developing times stretching anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. With this in mind, Lancaster have developed a self-tanning lotion which can be applied in the shower and give you a golden glow in just 60 seconds.

Depending how dark you’d like your tan to be, you can use the product once or reapply it every day to achieve the perfect shade. Simply circle the lotion evenly onto wet skin then, having allowed the tanner - enriched with melanim - to work it’s magic for a minute, wash off the residue.

Lancaster advises that skin be gently patted dry, without rubbing, to avoid streaks or towel marks. After which time, it’s safe to dress with no risk of colour transfer or stickiness.

The Self-Tan lotion will be available in leading department stores across the UAE by the end of March priced from Dh115. To maximise results, exfoliate beforehand with Lancaster’s Body Scrub for Dh105.

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