UAE wants more people to use public transport

The way forward: Transportation outlook New taxi fleet improves service, but buses are the route ahead

Gold-and-white taxis will disappear from the streets of the capital today.

For five years, TransAd, Abu Dhabi's taxi regulator, has been phasing out the older cabs in favour of the newer, silver taxis.

Now, the transition has been completed.

A top priority for the Department of Transport (DoT) is to motivate people to use public transport.

Saeed Al Hameli, general manager of the bus division at the DoT, said last year that his target was to make the bus the first choice for public transport.

A fare card will be introduced by the end of this year that can gather information about how people use bus services. Users will swipe the card as they board and leave the bus, and payment will be deducted for the exact distance travelled, enabling the DoT to track passenger numbers and journey lengths.

In November last year, fares in the city were doubled from Dh1 to Dh2, and raised on a per-kilometre basis for regional and intercity services.