Three injured as car smashes through shopfront in Dubai

Dubai Police said the driver lost control of the vehicle

Three people were injured after a car crashed through a shop window in Dubai.

Police said the driver had mistakenly pressed the accelerator rather than the brake pedal, causing the vehicle to mount the pavement before hurtling into the shop.

The incident occurred in the district of Al Refaa last Thursday.

Pictures taken by police showed the Mitsubishi Pajero had smashed through the storefront, leaving glass on the pavement.

“Instead of bringing his car to a complete stop, the driver tried to slow down and observe the traffic pedestrian movements to get from one bystreet to another,” said Brig Ahmed bin Ghalita, director of Al Raffa Police Station.

“He then stepped on the accelerator pedal instead of the brake and smashed into the front glass facade of the shop and hit three employees inside the shop.”

Paramedics were called and they treated the staff at the scene.

The motorist is being prosecuted over the incident.

Brig Ghalita urged motorists to obey traffic rules and to always pay due care and attention when behind the wheel.

“They need to take all precautions, consider road conditions when changing routes and stick to speed limits,” he said.