Measures to end human trafficking

The measures to end human trafficking were outlined in the Conference of Combating Human Trafficking Through Mediation Agencies and Employing Proper Capabilities in Dubai.

1 Invite the country to persevere in its legislative and executive efforts to combat forced labour and human trafficking by achieving osmosis (assimilation) between entry and residence, and labour market policies. Achieve the necessary transparency and balance in labour relations between employers and employees, to help prevent foreign workers from being in a position of vulnerability that may leave them exposed to the risk of forced labour.

2 Emphasise the importance of cooperation between labour-sending and labour-receiving countries by implementing international, regional and national mechanisms.

3 Strengthen the partnership between the public sector and companies hiring and using the labour force, through joint programmes against human trafficking crimes.

4 Exchange international experience in the field of mediation agencies management in the country, and recruit a specialised labour force in the fields of information technology and legislation.

5 Train government human resources departments to ensure the provision of the highest levels of professionalism in dealing with employee-related cases.

6 Create a compulsory training and awareness framework targeting all categories of workers and employees in recruitment agencies, to raise their awareness of workers’ rights and labour laws.

Published: December 10, 2014 04:00 AM