Yale environmental role for Sheikh Zayed's great-granddaughter

Sheikha Shamma has been appointed to board of advisers of Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy

Sheikha Shamma speaking to delegates at the One Young World Summit in London last year. Courtesy: Sheikha Shamma    

The great-granddaughter of Sheikh Zayed is building on the environmental legacy of the UAE's Founding Father after securing a key role to help shape global policy on sustainability.

Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan Al Nahyan has been named as a member of the board of advisors of the Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy.

Her appointment makes her the first representative of the Middle East and North Africa region to be part of the board in the centre's history.

Sheikha Shamma came through an extensive selection process overseen by leading global experts in the field.

Sheikha Shamma's broad sustainability interests, depth of knowledge, and particular experience in the Middle East will be of great value to us

Decision-makers pinpointed her ability to provide guidance, insights, and recommendations on sustainable policies, based on her personal perspectives and experience as the chief executive and founder of the awareness body, Alliances for Global Sustainability.

"As an advocate for environmental sustainability with a passion towards creating a better future, it is an honour to undertake this position as a member of the Board of Advisors for the Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy," said Sheikha Shamma.

As an adviser, Sheikha Shamma will take on a variety of responsibilities, including offering strategic guidance, developing policy recommendations, supporting the centre’s outreach and networking efforts, and building the centre’s capacity for sustainability analysis.

She is also tasked with promoting awareness of sustainable development goals, championing environmental laws, and supporting the centre in its diverse array of initiatives.

The centre is a joint venture between the Yale Law School and the Yale School of the Environment.

Its goals are to advance contemporary thinking and analytically rigorous approaches to environmental decision-making.

Sheikha Shamma said the UAE is at the forefront of efforts to mould a more sustainable and prosperous future for the planet.

"The UAE continues to advance its position in the world of sustainability, which I strive to emulate alongside my Yale counterparts," said Sheikha Shamma.

"Through investment of renewable energy, the development of new agricultural-tech innovation, and the gradual move towards an enhanced circular economy, the UAE has always explored and implemented new elements that drive sustainable growth."

Professor Dan Esty, director of the Yale Centre, believes Sheikha Shamma will prove to be a valuable addition.

"Sheikha Shamma’s broad sustainability interests, depth of knowledge, and particular experience in the Middle East will be of great value to us," he said.

"We are confident that our programmes and outreach efforts over the coming months and years will benefit enormously from this added strength."

Last year, Sheikha Shamma had told The National of the importance of continuing the good work of Sheikh Zayed.

“It is an important factor for me to continue his work. He left us a beautiful and clean country,” she said.

“He always said that we should preserve and conserve the environment and seeing the work that’s being done by Government now and through my work – it is gratifying to see a positive impact on the environment and society. It wakes me up in the morning.”