Dubai authorities urge cosmetic patients to check surgeons' credentials

Cosmetic surgery is a major part of the emirate's medical tourism drive

Cosmetic patients have been urged to make sure their surgeons are properly licensed to avoid complications and botched operations.

Dubai Health Authority said medical professionals should be able to present the correct credentials and that they are using "use quality products to avoid complications".

Later this month the first Dubai International Symposium for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery will be held at Dubai Festival City and attending by leading surgeons.

Dr Marwan Ahmed Al Zarouni, Head of Plastic Surgery Department at Rashid Hospital and President of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society, said: “In general, cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming more and more popular in the UAE and globally. Among such procedures, Botox and fillers are becoming increasingly common. The reason is that such rejuvenation procedures are quick and give the desired results. People leading busy lives do not need to take too much time away for these treatments. However, the key is to ensure that people go to licensed practitioners."

In 2016, Dubai witnessed a growth of 9.5 per cent in the number of medical and health tourists, with 326,649 international medical visitors. The revenue generated from international patients was worth over Dh1 billion, a news release read, reinforcing the growing contribution of the sector to the national GDP.

Orthopaedic, dermatology and ophthalmology, dental treatment, fertility treatment and cosmetic surgery procedures were the most sought procedures.

Dr Bander Aithan, a consultant plastic surgeon at Bella Roma, said that “before any plastic surgery procedure it is important to ensure that your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon licensed with the DHA".

"Secondly, people should be aware that plastic surgery is a field that has several subspecialties so chose a doctor who is specialised in the specific procedure you want to opt for.”


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