Drunk tourist smashed glass bottle on face of Emirati, Dubai court hears

Saudi man accused of unprovoked attack on Emirati at hotel in Tecom.

DUBAI // A drunk tourist disfigured the face of an Emirati man when he smashed a glass bottle on his face, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

Saudi Arabian AA, 21, is charged with physical assault over the incident at a toilet at Media Rotana hotel in Tecom on January 20.

Emirati AHA, 24, said he was waiting his turn to get into the toilet when the defendant came out screaming at him.

“He insulted me, saying cursed be your mother and, before I know it, he hit me on the face with something that I didn’t know its nature at the time,” said the victim.

“He cut me under my right eye all the way to under my nose from the right side.

“‘I will buy you a new nose’, he said to me in front of many people.”

The defendant was restrained by one of the hotel’s security men. Police said he confessed to assault charges, saying he was intoxicated at the time.


Published: July 1, 2014 04:00 AM