Drunk man threatens to kill ex-wife for rebuffing his sexual advances

Man charged for allegedly threatening to kill wife with a meat cleaver, damaging police car

A drunk man allegedly held a meat cleaver as he threatened to kill his ex-wife if she wouldn't have sex with him.

Court records show that,the ex-wife said on March 3 this year her 47-year-old Emirati ex-husband knocked on her door while holding a meat cleaver.

“He lives in an annex outside the villa, when the children left to school I heard knocking on the door and when I went to open up, I saw him through the window carrying a meat cleaver and saw an alcohol bottle and a knife on the floor near him,” the 43-year-old Emirati woman told prosecutors.

She alleged that the accused started yelling and demanding that she have sex with him and that he also accused her of sleeping with other men.

He allegedly told her he would kill her and her children if she did not have sex with him.

“He walked away then returned and started knocking on the door again making the same demands and screaming the same insults in front of my maid,” she said.

Dubai Police were called and upon arrival at the villa, in Al Qouz 4 residential area, they approached the man.

“He started resisting and yelling and kicking the patrol car’s door, denting it,” said an Emirati policeman, 26.

The man was then subdued and taken into custody.

He will appear in court on December 17 to face charges of issuing death threats, issuing insults, consuming alcohol, and damaging police property.

Published: December 17, 2017 12:30 PM