Dubai developers accused of accepting millions in bribes

The three Indian employees are alleged to have accepted plane tickets and luxury watches

Three men working for a Dubai development company abused their positions by accepting millions of dirhams in bribes, a court has heard.

Prosecutors alleged the three defendants, from India, took Dh4m in cash, plane tickets and luxury watches to guarantee construction bids.

The Pakistani owner of the construction company, 43, along with his Canadian operations manager, 50, were both charged with offering the bribes.

The alleged plot came to light in July 2017 when senior employees heard rumours that the trio were being paid off to violate industry regulations.

“I received information from our head of legal affairs about the three men taking bribes,” said one employee at the firm.

The alleged bribes took place between December 2014 and October 2017, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

Bribes included business class flights to London and Madagascar and a Dh72,000 Rolex watch.

Prosecutors said bank statements of the three Indian defendants showed large sums of money were deposited into their accounts on a monthly basis.

One of the construction bids thought to have been signed off by the trio included a Dubai beachfront project which later made a Dh9m profit.

The next hearing in the case was set for March 19.

Published: March 4, 2019 06:28 PM