300 attend LightHouse Arabia’s mental wellbeing workshops

About 300 people attend LightHouse Arabia's mental wellbeing workshops in Dubai

Visitors take part in LightHouse Arabia’s day of interactive workshops on Saturday. Reem Mohammed / The National
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DUBAI // LightHouse Arabia yesterday held workshops aimed at improving mental wellbeing and adding vitality to lifestyles.

About 300 people of all ages and nationalities attended the full day of workshops, said Dr Saliha Afridi, clinical psychologist and the centre’s managing director.

“Today was basically a day for wellbeing,” Dr Afridi said. “It was about various workshops such as art therapy for children, parenting strategy, strategies for anxiety and nervousness, mindfulness, couples’ relationship strategy and yoga, which is mind and body connection.”

“We also did a mental health checkup to see how people are doing, and give them tips to guide them in improving themselves.”

The centre is a clinic for mental health and wellness, providing psychological and psychiatric care to children, adults, couples and families.

Tania Donohue, a marketing manager from Australia, visited the centre for the first time and said she had learnt ways to improve her life.

“I knew about it through a friend who shared about the workshops on social media,” said Ms Donohue, 38. “I came here because I am into health industry and mindfulness, and the place seems a perfect place to really just find out and refocus.”

She attended workshops on making money and relationships strategies.

“The first one helps in getting you to look at your perspectives and your relationship with money on a daily basis, while the other gives goals for relationships,” Ms Donohue said.

Ismail Khadari, a Grade 2 pupil, went with his mother to attend cooking and art workshops, and played a smart heart board game.

“Cooking is one of my favourite things and I cooked a cake,” said Ismail, 8, from America. “The art workshop was very cool. I drew Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Reem Mouazzen, a Syrian-American management consultant, said she gained some very important tools from her first visit to the workshops.

“You are taught who you are and understanding and knowing how to listen to yourself in a very calm and mindful way, and how to be more productive in your life,” said Ms Mouazzen, 31.

“I attended a meditation workshop that helps to be mindful, while the gratitude workshop helps to encourage wellness and wellbeing, and help your life in very positive ways,” she said.