Palestinian students build a solar powered car from scratch

HEBRON // Students in Hebron have built the first solar powered car in Palestine. The engineering students at the Palestine Polytechnic University spent several months on the project, and are now hoping to attract funding to take the project to the next stage of development. "It cost around $4,000 [Dh14,7000] to build, but we would need double that to build a real car that will perform better, go faster, for longer and be able to drive in all conditions," Dr Zahdi Salhab, director of the mechanical engineering department, told The Guardian. The car is covered with solar panels and does not manage speeds much above 30kph, but it is being lauded as a feat of creative engineering in the face of limited funds and scant resources. "It was a complicated project and our students designed and built everything in this car from scratch," said Dr Salhab. The car battery can also be charged using mains electricity on rare cloudy days.