Business Extra podcast: The one thing you need to know about the US economy

In this episode, we discuss how a burgeoning Latino and Hispanic population is driving American business and social changes

Claudia Romo Edelman is an advocate for the Hispanic community in the US.

Over the past decade, 85 per cent of new businesses in the United States have been started by Latinos, with the women among them being the biggest drivers of that trend. That data comes a study by Zeno Group and the We Are All Human Foundation, and we talk to their founder in this week's episode of the Business Extra podcast.

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Claudia Romo Edelman is an advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as co-host of the Global Goalscast focused on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Edelman explains to The National's Mustafa Alrawi that part of the reason statistics like the one above could be surprising to business people interested in the American market, is because Hispanic representation in media and politics does not match that of the demographic's economic impact. She hopes to use her platform to change that, and help expand Hispanic representation and inclusion.


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