epa08774697 A spot of French products is covered with a placard reading in Arabic 'French products are being boycotted for the sake of the Prophet Muhammad peace upon him', in a supermarket in Amman, Jordan, 26 October 2020. Many people in Jordan called on social media for the boycott of French products as a show of support for Muslims Prophet Muhammad two day before the celebration of the Prophet birthday Mawlid Nabawi on 29 October. The protest call comes amid rising tension in response to French President Macron’s comments following the recent beheading of a teacher in France after he had shown cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in class. Macron vowed his country would not give up publishing such cartoons  EPA/STR
Jack Lang urged Muslim leaders to accept Mr Macron as a statesman committed to protecting their faith. EPA

Jack Lang: end the boycotts to build trust with France

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