Dalai Lama: Donald Trump lacks moral principles

The Tibetan spiritual leader also says he did not want to see Europe become 'Muslim' or 'African'

The Dalai Lama has said that US President Donald Trump lacks moral principle.

In an interview with the BBC, the spiritual leader said that Mr Trump’s “emotions [are] also a little bit … too complicated,” while waggling his right index finger near his temple.

“One day he says something, another day he says something. But I think [there is a] lack of moral principle. When he became president, he expressed America first. That is wrong. America, they should take the global responsibility,” he said.

The Dalai Lama also told the BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan that while he was a supporter of the European Union, he did not want to see Europe become “Muslim” or “African”.

When asked if refugees should be allowed to stay in Europe, he said that only a limited number should be able to remain.

“But [for the] whole [of] Europe [to] eventually become [a] Muslim country? Impossible. Or [an] African country, also impossible,” he said.

“Keep Europe for Europeans.”

The leader also reiterated earlier comments that he would support a woman taking on his role as the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader, but only if she is “attractive”.

The Dalai Lama has been exiled from Tibet since 1959 following a failed uprising.

Published: June 27, 2019 01:06 PM


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