UAE weather: strong winds cause rough seas

The National Centre for Meteorology warned residents to be on the lookout during any maritime activities

SHARJAH , UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Ð Feb 26 : Rough see because of bad weather in Kalba in Sharjah. ( Pawan Singh / The National ) For News.

Strong winds and rough seas are predicted for Monday, according to the National Centre for Meteorology.
North-westerly winds are expected to reach 40kph over the sea causing waves to reach heights of up to three metres offshore in the Arabian Gulf and two metres in the Oman Sea.
Although the centre estimates wind speeds will die down by the afternoon, it warned residents to be on the lookout and be cautious if they undertake any maritime activities.
Weather conditions are expected to be fair to partly cloudy in general and hazy at times, with a slight drop in temperatures.
Humidity will increase at night and in the early morning over some internal and coastal areas with a chance of fog and mist.