UAE explained: quarantine rules for tourists and business visitors to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi recently updated its travel rules for vaccinated and non-vaccinated passengers

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As the UAE moves into the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, rules for the movement of people change as vaccinations and variants emerge.

Abu Dhabi recently updated its travel rules, meaning citizens, residents and guests may not have to quarantine for as long as was once needed.

The National answers your questions on the latest changes and what they mean for you.

I'm a citizen/resident arriving from a country not on the green list

Vaccinated citizens and residents flying into Abu Dhabi from countries not on its green list must now quarantine for five days instead of 10.

A PCR test is required on arrival - which is considered Day 1 - and another on Day 4.

Non-vaccinated citizens and residents must take a PCR test on arrival, quarantine for 10 days and take another PCR test on Day 8.

Abu Dhabi to allow quarantine-free travel from July 1, senior tourism official says

Abu Dhabi to allow quarantine-free travel from July 1, senior tourism official says

I'm a citizen/resident arriving from a country on the green list

Vaccinated citizens and residents arriving from green list countries do not have to quarantine but must take a PCR test on arrival and on Day 6.

The protocol applies to all those who received their second vaccine dose at least 28 days earlier, as documented by their Al Hosn app.

Non-vaccinated citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi arriving from green list countries must take a PCR test on arrival without the need to quarantine, followed by PCR tests on Day 6 and Day 12.

What is it like to travel from a country on Abu Dhabi's green list?

What is it like to travel from a country on Abu Dhabi's green list?

I’m a non-UAE resident who's flying in for a job in Abu Dhabi. Do I have to quarantine?

It depends where you are coming from. If you come from a green list country, and there are currently 23 of them, you do not need to quarantine.

But you are required to take a PCR test on arrival and must isolate until the result comes through.

If it is positive, you will be issued with advice on the next steps by authorities.

If the test is negative, you can leave your hotel or accommodation, but you must take further PCR tests on Days 6 and 12, where Day 1 is your date of arrival.

If I am not travelling from a green list country?

If you are not travelling in from a green list country, you must take a PCR test on arrival.

If it is positive, you will receive an SMS with a date for a second PCR test to confirm the result.

If it is positive a second time, you will be required to isolate in a location that will be decided by doctors. Severe cases are treated in hospitals.

Once two consecutive negative tests are completed, or alternatively the 10-day isolation period is completed with no symptoms in the last three days, you can leave isolation, regardless of the result on the eighth day.

If, however, the PCR test on arrival is negative, you will be fitted with a tracking wristband before leaving the airport and will be required to self-isolate for 10 days.

The wristband will be removed on Day 10, following a negative test result.

I'm a tourist visiting the UAE and want to drive to Abu Dhabi from another emirate

If you have just arrived in Dubai and want to travel straight to Abu Dhabi, you must have a negative test result issued within 48 hours with you and take a coronavirus test at the border.

Travellers from green list countries must take a second test on Day 6, without the need to quarantine. If you are staying 12 days or more, a second test must be taken on Day 12.

For travellers from all non green list countries, a PCR test is required on arrival, as well as on Day 8, in addition to a 10-day quarantine, which is monitored with a wristband. The quarantine may be done at home, in a hotel, or in accommodation provided by the health authorities.

If I have been in Dubai for five days and want to visit Abu Dhabi?

A negative PCR test result issued within 48 hours or a negative laser DPI blood test result issued within 24 hours is required to enter the emirate.

Anyone who has travelled from a non-green list country will have to complete a quarantine period of up to 10 days after they enter Abu Dhabi. But the length of time spent elsewhere in the UAE is deducted from the quarantine period.

For example, if they have spent five days elsewhere in the UAE, they will be required to finish the remaining five days quarantine in Abu Dhabi and take a PCR test on Day 8. The quarantine will be monitored by a tracking wristband.

Those on the green list must take PCR tests on Days 4 and 8, if staying for eight days or more.

If you enter Abu Dhabi with a negative DPI test result, a Covid‑19 PCR test must be conducted on Day 3 after entry and on Day 7 if the stay is for seven days or more.

How long will these rules be in place for visitors to Abu Dhabi?

Not for much longer. Abu Dhabi plans to remove Covid-19 quarantine restrictions for international travellers from July 1, except for visitors from India, and expand its green travel list to boost tourism in the emirate.

"How we are going to move forward in 2021 … Abu Dhabi will be open for everyone with no quarantine protocol starting from July 1," Ali Al Shaiba, executive director of tourism and marketing at the emirate's Department of Culture and Tourism, told The National on the sidelines of Arabian Travel Market in Dubai this week.

“We are going to welcome everybody to Abu Dhabi with a different [travelling] protocol but no quarantine.”

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